• Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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  • Paradiso: Best ‘Pop Temple’ in the Netherlands


    There are a wealth of music venues to choose from in the Netherlands but perhaps none quite as special as ‘Paradiso’. Its broad history and neo gothic architecture all lend to its charm. A place where big acts choose to perform but even the smallest and unknown can be heard.

    In a public election, more than 6000 voters chose ‘Paradiso’ as 3voor12’s Best Pop Podium in the Netherlands. Paradiso was announced on 3voor12 Radio as the winner. Runner’s up include Tilburg 013 and Tivoli Utrecht coming in second and third. It examined topics such as programming, and sound. Other names on the list included Melkweg coming in at sixth place, Ziggo Dome Coming in tenth and The Heineken Music Hall finished in seventeenth.

    Paradiso was an old church that was subsidized by the government in the late 60’s as a youth entertainment centre. Synonymous with the rock music of the hippie counter culture, it was one of the first locations where soft drugs were tolerated. Paradiso now has an eclectic range of programming including classical music, lectures and of course many international and domestic artists and bands performing.

    Image: www.paradiso.nl


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