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  • Party With The Alumni to Celebrate SAE Netherlands 20th Anniversary!

    Exciting news for multimedia professionals, aspirants and enthusiasts! To celebrate SAE Netherlands’ 20th anniversary, the Institute is bringing its Alumni Convention IX to Amsterdam. It not only promises to be a ‘legendary party’ but also a major networking opportunity for alumni, students, industry partners and the community.

    Producer and engineer Tom Misner established SAE INSTITUTE as The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in October 1976 and thus came to create the world’s first curriculum in audio engineering, which combined both practice and theory. Today, SAE is one of the leading providers in creative multimedia education with alumni ranging from game developers to screenwriters.

    SAE believes that socialising and connecting are the keys to the media industry. Previously, audio engineers, filmmakers, game and web developers have come together at the SAE Alumni Convention in Berlin. This year around 2500 people from all over Europe are expected to gather at the MusiQ Building in Amsterdam on October 24th and 25th to learn, engage, connect, and party at the Alumni Convention IX.

    Visitors will have a chance to participate in workshops and panel discussions on workflows, technology and the state of the arts development. SAE Alumni Convention IX will host 60 exhibitions and workshops by experts from all over the world, as well as speeches on topics such as “Do’s and Don’ts When Starting a Game Studio”, “Sound Identity- Impact on Brand” and “Interactive Audio for Games”. The creative media conference will also explore animation, social media and imagine “The Future of Music Collaboration” Exhibitors including Adobe, Apple and Yamaha will showcase their latest developments, which will be free for the punters to have a go at.

    It is exciting to see top creative professionals and even some famous names amongst the speakers such as Gary Kurtz- producer of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Rock music fans will enjoy a talk by Mack wittily entitled “Let’s Take It From The Pop. The man behind the sound of Led Zeppelin, Queen and Black Sabbath will share where he thinks the recording industry is going. For The Beatles fans there is a Gilbert Lederman talk on why “the crisis in an opportunity” and how “the music industry is in mutation”

    Tech geeks will get insight into topics such as “Why FCPX Is a Game-changer”, while Disney fans can listen to Andrew Schlusse tell all about it in “Working on “Disney Animated”: Applying 3D animation skills to a new medium” If game design is your thing Michael McCormick presents “Game Designs Today: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!” The man who worked on Sims will explore game design today and how it works across the different digital platforms.

    In the industry where hands-on experience is just as important as keeping up with the latest developments, SAE Alumni Convention, with tickets costing as little as €39.00 for students and €119 for a Guest Pass, is an event to attend. Want time well spent on October 24th and 25th? Book now for time well spent on October 24th and 25th.

    Visit http://www.sae-alumni-convention.org/ for more information. Still not sure? See what went down in Berlin:



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