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  • Peter Ruting – Images of Thought and Beyond

    The tiled Sink, 1982 © Peter Ruting

    The tiled Sink, 1982 © Peter Ruting

    A unique exhibition takes place in Amsterdam from April 15 till June 21, 2014 at Cachou Artelier. Peter Ruting – Images of Thought and Beyond is a homage to the famous photographer who has been active for over three decades. Born in 1938 in Amsterdam, P. Ruting has throughout the years travelled around Europe, encountered a variety of contemporary artists and established himself as a photographer in the advertising circles of the time. A loner and as many would argue detached artist, Ruting collects everyday objects and introduces them to the audience under a new artistic light. Using bottles, balls, pencils, tiles, stones, wood, carbon, paper and metal, Ruting creates his still life compositions thus allowing us to enter his fantastic worlds of serenity, composure and silence.

    Our encounter with Ruting’s world is not abrupt or violent, for his art instead exudes a feeling of intimacy and familiarity, like seeing an old good friend after a long time. Everything is there, our childhood and adult toys and games, our holiday memories at the Mediterranean, the mundane, the ordinary; even the metal wheels and wires of modernity oscillating between the thin lines of the industrial and the romantic.

    His bottles stand there like bowling pins, like chess pawns, like a crowd of people in the desert of an infinite universe. We are playing pool with the marooned balls sliding on the surface of a fluid present and a boundless imagination. Ruting’s photography tickles our brain and travels us through his fantastic worlds. His C-Prints, serve as a memory of an innocent and carefree past without though forgetting the weight of reality.


    Drill building, 1994 © Peter Ruting

    Drill building, 1994 © Peter Ruting

    Stuart Bennett who writes the introduction of Ruting’s 1988 book The Images of Thought, describes his art as ‘sheer mastery of photographic technique’, while Herman Hoeneveld, who edits the text, eloquently summarizes the artist’s insight:

    “Calm and uncertainty move – intense and intoxicating- in the undercurrent of the sometimes lengthy process necessary to bring the original idea to fruition. . . . Objects, colours and shapes unite in an imaginary world to form a whole. . . . What we see is the image of a reality beyond our perception, one drawn with such lightness that objects and background relate to each other. In this way a scintillating timelessness is created: figuratively transparent, at times literally so, as a perceptible extra dimension. Beauty is a psychedelic which Peter Ruting uses to enter into a dream world.”


    The stone from Lanzarote, 1983 © Peter Ruting

    The stone from Lanzarote, 1983 © Peter Ruting

    Ruting’s aesthetic perfection is indeed ageless and universal. It’s like playing chess on the black and white tiles of a former kitchen (The tiled sink 1982), like walking on a beach, leaving invisible footsteps or fingerprints next to his stones on white paper or next to blue (Aqua 1983, Stones for Helen 1983, The stone from Lanzarote 1983). Behind the transparent bottles, below the wires that stretch like snakes above our fragile existence, inside the pastel, between the light and shadow that enfold the wood, plastic, metal and glass, lies a world where reality and fantasy are one. It’s like painting, like poetry, a philosophy of its own. And it is here.


    Notes & Info :

    Cachou Artelier
    Sint Nicolaasstraat 68
    1012 NK, Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    Ruting, Peter, Stuart Bennett, and Herman Hoeneveld. Peter Ruting, The Images of Thought. Amsterdam: Trendboek Bv, 1988. Print.

    All images Copyright © Peter Ruting. All Rights Reserved


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