• Saturday, June 10, 2023

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  • Category: Wellness

    Aug 11
    The Best Yoga Studios in Amsterdam

    Studies continue to reveal yoga’s many health benefits so yoga is a great addition to…

    May 08
    The Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre at the Conservatorium Hotel

    The chic Conservatorium Hotel in Museumplein, is at the center of the fashion and…

    Jun 14
    Superfood Centre

    The Superfood Centre in Health Club Jordaan is Amsterdam’s top place for superfoods,…

    Apr 10
    The Nagomi Spa in the Okura Hotel

    In addition to sleeping, dining, cooking and exercising, relaxing has also been added…

    Jan 21
    Beauty and Wellness

    Amsterdam is an ideal city when it comes to catering to oneself. Whether you want to…

    Nov 26
    Top 5 Spa’s in Amsterdam

    Does life ever feel like a stressful bundle of tasks, duties and book keeping? To…

    Nov 06
    Koan Float

    Koan Float is a float & massage center in the centre of Amsterdam. Floating is a…