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  • Raphael at Teylers Museum

    Experience the Splendor of the Italian Renaissance

    Teylers Museum, in collaboration with the Albertina Museum in Vienna, presents the first exhibition in the Netherlands of Raphael (1483-1520). Raphael belongs with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci as one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance. His Madonnas and frescoes in the Vatican are world famous. For centuries, his refined style has been admired and imitated.

    The first paintings in the Netherlands
    More than 90 drawings of the master and his school are available to view in Haarlem for more than three months. Because of their vulnerability, these drawings are rarely exhibited. The presence of two paintings from the Uffizi in Florence and the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin is spectacular. They show what Raphael’s drawings led to. Never before have paintings of Raphael been exhibited in the Netherlands. Together, the artworks provide a wonderful overview of his glittering career.

    Exceptional drawings
    Teylers Museum has a collection of drawings with many famous masterpieces of international artists from the 16th century. In 1791 the museum purchased work of Raphael and Michelangelo among others, many of which came from the collection of Queen Christina of Sweden.
    The exhibition has been extensively studied. The outcome is that Teylers Museum appears to posess not nine but twelve drawings by Raphael, as three drawings were wrongly attributed to his pupils.
    There are only two other drawings of the master in the Netherlands. Teylers Museum in the Netherlands is therefore the place for an exhibition on Raphael.

    Rafael unraveled
    In a separate room, visitors are shown Raphael specific method and style in an innovative way. Which elements are typical of the artist? What do the experts say about it and how do you recognize a real Raphael? Visitors are asked to vote on the authenticity of a drawing: is this a work of Raphael or not? They can win a memorable trip to Italy

    Visiting Information

    Hours and Prices

    Tuesday / Saturday 10-17
    Sunday 11-17
    Closed on 25 December and 1 January

    Additional open on: Monday, 24 & 31 December from 10 – 17 hrs

    Longer opening hours around Christmas
    Boxing Day, the museum is open from 10 to 17 hours.
    From 27 December / 6 January, the museum until 19 pm, except December 31 (until 17 pm) and January 1 (closed).

    Holidays & hours 2012

    Holiday Day Date Opening time
    Sinterklaas Wednesday December 5 10.00-17.00
    Christmas Day Tuesday December 25 closed
    Boxing Day Wednesday December 26 10.00-17.00
    New Year’s Eve Monday December 31 10.00-17.00
    New Year 2013 Tuesday January 1 closed

    Admission fees during Raphael  (Including exhibition fee of € 5, exclusively online booking fee of € 1,)

    Adults € 15.00
    Groups (VA10 press) * € 12.50
    CJP € 11.50
    6 t / m 17 years € 2.00
    0 t / m 5 years free
    Museumkaart € 5.00
    Friends € 5.00
    ICOM € 5.00
    Ver. Rembrandt € 5.00
    Haarlem Only € 5.00

    * Come with a group of 20 people or want a special reception and / or introduction to the exhibition organized? Please contact the Public Affairs Department: 023516 September 72 (weekdays from 10.00 – 12.30) or info@teylersmuseum.nl . Mention the group and your full address. Tickets for groups up to 20 people, you can also purchase via the website .

    Free audio tour and booklet
    For each visitor there is a free audio tour and booklet available in Dutch or English.

    Everyone is asked to leave coats, umbrellas and (big) bags with the wardrobe. The exhibited works are very sensitive to large fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

    The museum is easily accessible by public transport. From Haarlem station it is about a 10 minute walk through the Jansweg, Jansstraat, then left the Short Jansstraat in, then turn right Bakenessergracht expire until the end. When Spaarne turn right. Teylers Museum is then on your right.

    Driving directions
    Via the A9 take exit Halfweg / Amsterdam / Haarlem and at this junction Rottepolderplein follow Haarlem (A 200).
    Continue towards Haarlem to Amsterdam (N200). At the end of this road, the Amsterdamse Poort, turn right (Gedempte Oostersingelgracht). After about 170 meters, take the first left (Papentorenvest, goes along the Dome Prison). About the Catharijne Bridge (over the Spaarne), turn left (Koudenhorn), this road along the river will follow you (eventually called the Spaarne). The entrance Teylers Museum is located on the Spaarne.
    Note: on the Spaarne is unidirectional. So you can only reach the museum via the above route. You can park in the garage next door The Appelaar.

    Tickets are available here



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