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  • Red Light Museum

    red light museum

    Did you know that a visit to a prostitute in the Red Light District rarely takes more than 10 minutes?
    Did you know every day 900 prostitutes work in the district? Did you know that a prostitute has to pay a daily rent of 150 euros for her room? Also that there are no fewer than 290 shop windows in the district that curious tourists can peep at the working prostitutes of Amsterdam as they wait for those 10-minute quickie visits of paying customers. And that there is one street filled only with she-male sex workers.

    These are the information questions being asked of visitors to the new Red-Light Secrets Museum of prostitution that has just opened in Amsterdam’s De Wallen Red-light District that is both famous and infamous, depending on your point of view. One can imagine a tourist husband now being able to casually answer his wife that he had just spent a good day in Amsterdam, visiting a museum.

    The organizer, Melcher de Wind, says that the small museum caters for those who want to know more about how it’s all being done daily and nightly, without actually visiting a prostitute. So the museum recreates a typical interior of a red-light shop house, as seen when the curtains are drawn. The light is dim, and the bed is large and not necessarily rectangular, and the floor is thickly-carpeted. There is an ornate bath in the corner and ornate mirrors look back at you from strategic angles. The lady worker herself does not welcome you in person but speaks and teases on the flat screen mounted on the red-papered wall. The museum is filled with stories of notorious prostitutes, and no doubt their equally notorious clients, who all did their share to enliven this district by the canals.

    For everyone who wants to visit the museum, it is located on Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60-62.
    The museum opens from 12 pm to midnight daily and cost €7.50 to enter.

    Want to explore the famous district closer? Join the Red Light Walking Tour! See here for the tickets.


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