• Friday, May 20, 2022

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    This new trendy hotspot created by Ralph Kint and co. is bang in the middle of the city centre, between the Spui and the Heiligeweg. A supreme location, it really livens up this sleepy but famous street. You’ll notice the hustling groups of locals frolicking outside enjoying a ‘borreltje’ most days of the week!

    Inside is a classy mix of a high end bar and a bistro café/restaurant, where guests are actually encouraged to sit and eat their meals at the bar to make it a more relaxed sociable atmosphere.

    It is a mix of simple minimalist dishes and carefully executed culinary talent, great stuff!

    Breakfast through dinner and everything in between is served from the early hours of the morning until very late at night and the bar keeps its taps running even later!

    A recent wintry Wednesday night the guys from AmsterDO enjoyed a succulent and hearty, traditional ‘Ossenhaasbiefstuk’ (Fillet of Sirloin) and an incredibly presented, mouth-watering ‘Zeewolf fillet’ (Catfish Fillet wrapped in Parma ham) alongside their very reasonable house white(Costa Azul Blanco). After the mains you can retire for a drink with dessert in the open fire-lit lounge area and relax on the very stylish and cosy couch.

    Ralph(36) is really trying to create a pub atmosphere coated in a layer of chicness, it really works….a very chilled out ambiance with a hint of sexiness! The brains behind the interior design: ‘Robin Sluijzer’ had previously dressed the insides of places such as ‘Van Harte’ in the Jordaan spectacularly from top to bottom. He did just that in ‘Boog’, very modern and aesthetically sensational, from the oak-wood cordial lounge area to the cleverly cushioned fore-arm rests at the bar its a great addition to his repertoire, not to mention the prices are easy on the pocket!

    All in all they are keeping it fresh and making a quick mark on our great city, thanks and keep up the good work guys!


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