• Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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  • Riding a Bamboo bike

    A new bicycle that grows on trees? Well, not quite, as bamboo grows strongly straight out of the earth.

    The new Blackstar bikes, the beautiful frame which is made from a bamboo, take environmental aware a step further. You are not just cycling around the city in order not to pollute the atmosphere with motor fumes, your natural bamboo bike itself is mostly a sustainable machine.


    Bamboo is already very strong but the frame for this bike is also reinforced with hidden steel pipes inside. The wooden surface is coated against weather and wearing, coating can be reapplied when scratched or damaged.

    The innovative Dutch company imports the bicycle frame from Ghana, where it employs  40 workers, already shaped to a simple and pleasing Dutch bike design. The bikes are assembled in Holland, using brand-name parts supplied directly from the makers, who are supporting this exciting innovation.

    The company says that its aim is to add natural beauty to a utilitarian mode of transport that is used daily. It has done that quite brilliantly.


    The bike weighs a light 14 kilogrammes and can be yours for €849.

    Meeting the highest European standards, these even greener bikes have been sold to satisfied customers since July last year. They have been strength-tested in Germany before that.

    Following their successful debut along the canals of Amsterdam, Blackstar now has dealers outside Holland and offices in New York, Chile, Switzerland and Germany.




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