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  • The Newest Attraction on Dam Square: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Amsterdam, the weirdest place in Amsterdam

    While being in Amsterdam, there are a few activities you simply can’t miss. Walking along beautiful winding canals and narrow houses, renting a bike, exploring the city from a boat, catching a glimpse of the Red-Light District…

    I bet you already have those on your list!

    However, there is one more thing that is a must-do. And that is visiting Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum. While Amsterdam has lots of great places to offer, there is nothing as unique as Ripley’s.

    The museum that leaves you with an open mouth

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is an Odditorium where its founder, Robert Ripley, gathered all possible strange things he found during his travels throughout the world. Considering that Robert visited no less than 201 countries, his collection is huge!

    For now, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Amsterdam contains over 500 exhibits and artifacts, which are divided into 19 different themed galleries.

    To start with, there are some surprising animal oddities: a ‘freak’ cow with six legs, the rarest forms of Siamese twins like a two-headed calf and even a genuine two-legged horse that actually learned how to walk upright like a man.

    Human peculiarities are astonishing too. How about ‘meeting’ the tallest man ever? His name is Robert Wadlow, he’s 2.72m high, and you can take a selfie with his life-size replica at Ripley’s.


    For the bravest visitors, there is the scary part of the museum, with frightening moving pictures on the walls, brutal instruments of torture from all over the world and much more.

    The great part of the Odditorium is taken by amazing and unusual artworks, which you wouldn’t believe a man could create. Imagine what it takes to carve a man’s face out of a phone book or make a portrait with gumballs!

    Finally, there is a piece of Amsterdam in the Odditorium too! Ripley’s has its own Red-Light District, cozy little canal houses and typical Dutch windmills!

    Ripley’s extras: 5D moving theater and the lounge

    While the Odditorium itself is a great place to visit and can take a whole day, the extraordinary Ripley’s experience doesn’t end there!

    When already familiar with all the oddities presented in the museum, visit the 5D moving theater and immerse yourself in different worlds and dimensions. Why watching a movie when it’s possible to be a part of one?

    Finally, the last floor of Ripley’s Museum is a cozy lounge where you can grab a cup of tea with a croissant and enjoy a unique view of Dam, the busiest and the most famous square in the country.

    Travel around the world without leaving the building!

    Robert Ripley devoted his entire life to the search for extraordinary and visited more than 200 countries in pursuit of it. Thanks to his efforts, you don’t need to travel that much to see the best of the world, you just need to come to Ripley’s!

    Just think about it – spending a few hours in the museum is equal to taking a world tour.

    Ripley’s Odditorium is a place too great and bizarre to describe it with words. Come and see for yourself! And here is a little hint: if you get your tickets online, that will save you up to 5 euros.


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