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  • Robeco Summernights


    What is film music without a film? How does piano sound when you’re lying on the floor? Can you hear the story of love? What is classical music when you make it fun?

    Now you can experience a summer full of magical music during Robeco SummerNights 2014 at The Concertgebouw. Ranging from opera to jazz and from violins to trumpets: a unique program of concerts makes classical music available for everyone. So what’s on? A little impression of the agenda:

    • Brothers Arthur and Lucas Jussen (age 17 and 21), suns of musicians, both play the piano like no one. They had their first performance in The Concertgebouw in 2006, when they were only age 10 and 13. Now they perform pieces of maestros like Schumann, Beethoven, and Mozart. This summer, the brothers perform together as well as individually.
    • 20 years of democracy is celebrated on July 17, on International Mandela Day. Amsterdam celebrates this with a performance of the South-African MIAGI Youth Orchestra. MIAGI means Music Is A Great Investment, and the orchestra aims to unite the power of classical, indigenous and jazz music. It will be a real celebration, ending with a spectacular version of South-African’s national anthem.
    • Lay down on the floor while four pianists and an organist take you through a mystique world of piano music during Canto Ostinato. A concert of which Dutch actress Carice van Houten once said: “An unforgettable experience. I went a couple of times now, let it last forever.”
    • The guys of ‘MozART group’ ignore the formality of a concert hall, and they ignore the rock fan’s fear for classical music. This Polish group of musicians makes classical music fun, by introducing humor, acts and… disco.

    And that’s not it! The Concertgebouw will be full of funky jazz, thrilling opera, and frivol violins. It offers music every single night in July and August. Block the agenda, book your spot, and spend your summer nights at the museum square. Want to know more? You will find all the information you want to know on: https://www.concertgebouw.nl.

    Image: www.concergebouw.nl, www.holland.com


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