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  • &samhoud places Connects People with Amazing Food and Drinks

    &samhoud places is that perfect restaurant that combines rich, ethereal cuisine with the classy elegance that you’d expect from a 2 Michelin starred establishment without taking itself too seriously. It’s the perfect place for connecting with people. Recently, we sat down with Marketing Manager Myriam Lingeman and Executive Chef Moshik Roth to find out why.

    The Layout
    The beautiful dining area of the main restaurant is located upstairs and out of the way of the relaxed and interesting longue downstairs, where you can also order a meal from the same menu or just sit and have drinks with friends or a client. There’s also a killer cocktail bar where you can imbibe some of the best and most innovative cocktails found in the city.

    Did we mention it’s only a five-minute walk from the Centraal Station and open for both lunch (12pm-3pm) and dinner (7pm to 1am)? That makes &samhoud places one of our favorite spots to recommend for business meetings, birthdays, and well, just about any activity you’d want to do at a bar or pub, you can do here at &samhoud places! Being right smack dab in the middle of the city makes it the choice spot to meet with friends and clients.

    As Myriam points out, “&samhoud is all about connecting people, inspiring people, networking, making a place you want to come to.”

    Upstairs you’ll find the sit-down restaurant atmosphere you’d expect from a two star Michelin restaurant. Downstairs you’ll find a cozy longue where you can eat, relax, and enjoy a drink with friends or clients. At the front, the excellent bar staff will serve you an amazing cocktail.

    The Clientele
    At &samhoud places, everybody is welcome! According to Myriam, “We are very explicit about our clientele. Here, everybody is welcome. It’s the ideal place to takes clients for lunch or dinner on the weekdays. On the weekends, we are mostly populated by locals and tourists.” That nifty cocktail bar downstairs is perfect for checking it out over a delicious drink and deciding if you want to come back for dinner later. Believe us, you will!

    The Food
    MG_1305Executive Chef Moshik wants to bring gastronomy to the world. “It’s a place where I want to connect people. I want people to think of it as if I am inviting them into my home. I try to send people out of the restaurant with this idea in their mind: You are my guest. Come back soon.”

    Executive Chef Moshik hand selects only the best products to use in his exquisitely constructed 6 and 7 course dishes. For himself, Chef Moshik finds it difficult to choose a favorite dish because everything he prepares is designed with such care and thought. “There’s a difference between making food and creating food,” he explains. “The moment you create food, you have broken some rules. When you are making food, you are making it from a recipe. What I do here is create.”

    According to Chef Moshik, “a chef must understand the product in order to get the maximum out of that product. The goal for me is to make it perfect instead of changing it into something that it is not. A tomato tastes different in the summer when it is in season then when it is not and if you understand that then you can create dishes that make sense.”


    You simply have to see and taste the Tomeato Burger. Made from entirely from homemade ingredients, upon a cursory glance it looks almost exactly like a Big Mac from McDonalds. But the taste, wow. Is it tomato or burger? It’s remarkable. And priced at €12.50, it’s a substantial and satisfying meal that won’t break your wallet.

    Myriam adds, “Chef Moshik’s goal is to give gastronomy to the world. We want to have all kinds of people enjoy our cooking. You have to see it like a house where you feel like a comfortable guest.” Eet smakelijk!


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