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  • Segugio – the real Italian deal

    What kind of food is in every grocery store, supermarket, convenience store and even corner store? Italian food! It has become a national phenomenon in the Netherlands.

    Just about everybody knows what it is like to have the unmatched taste of spaghetti and other Italian dishes.

    How authentic is Italian food today? Because of the rise in popularity of Italian food in the Netherlands, there may be a decrease in the quality to accommodate for the lack of quantity. This is most disappointing because we all know that quality is better than quantity. The quality of Italian food when it was first introduced in the European food system is easily argued to be more authentic than today’s version.

    How can you find quality authentic Italian cuisine in Amsterdam?

    I believe that the best Italian food can be found in any Italian home or family run business.

    Walk into Segugio and you’ll feel as though you’ve stumbled upon a family-owned restaurant in the Tuscan hills – decidedly upscale food in a warm, inviting atmosphere. There’s none of the cool pretension you’ll find at many other trendy Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. Instead, you’ll get a welcoming feel from the distressed white stucco walls, the closet with Italian wines that invites lingering over romantic tables and wooden floors, friendly service, and generous portions of food. Dress up or down — jeans and t-shirts dine alongside the Prada here.

    If there’s such a thing as gourmet home cooking, you’ll find it here. The kitchen turns out a pleasing mix of adventurous dishes and Italian comfort food. Winners include Beetroot carpaccio with horseradish mousse and apple jelly and Homemade salted cod fillet with sweet sour vegetables.

    Owner-Chef Adriano Paolini is known for whipping up interesting dishes with whatever he has on hand so don’t be surprised if all you thought about the Italian kitchen turns out to be surpassed. Established 20 years ago, Segugio offers passion for food and wine, Italian cooking with an international twist.

    A 4 course Chef’s suggestion menu will open your senses for the real Italian deal.

    Amsterdam_Eat_Segugio_3Segugio will remind all of us of how we fell in love with Italian food in the first place.



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