• Friday, May 20, 2022

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  • Serious about cycling?

    While the British are being inspired by their Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins, and are hopping onto bikes across the nation, sparking requests to increase funding for cycling in the London Transport budget, the Dutch are proud of their own strong cycling culture. As it has been proven, even Olympic heroes are not safe on the British roads, so how would Wiggins fair on Dutch turf?

    All over Holland, men and women are cycling across dikes with a baby on the front, a child on the back, balancing two bulging bags of shopping on the handlebars. Their children cycle to school with a friend standing upright on the back rack. Not a crash helmet in sight.

    However, at no point is this seen as “dangerous” or “an accident waiting to happen”, which is how Derbyshire police are now describing the man they are currently trying to trace who was photographed cycling along a main road with a child on his shoulders.

    One cannot deny the dangers involved in such an act, but you cannot help but wonder how on earth father and child managed to set off on the road like that in the first place. The Dutch see themselves as masters of the road with the rule of right-of-way in their back pocket to be waved at any pedestrians or drivers that may threaten to slow them down, but I think even the Dutch, as well as Wiggins, would have a hard time with this one.

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