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  • Skatin' ChinChilla

    This monTh, LocaL BeaT ediTor dean saddikoT (‘inniT) casTs on eye on one of The main-sTays in The amsTerdam  sTreeT arT scene – skaTin’ chinchiLLa
    Skatin’ Chinchilla is indeed a little, hairy, boarding beast, but he is best known in Amsterdam as an influential street artist, and is dedicated to the history and future of hip-hop. Through music and culture he nurtures his interests and follows no particular style… just style itself!

    He grew up in Britain’s most colourful city, Brighton, England. As a youngin’ he spent most of his time at the skatepark,surrounded by top-to-toe graffiti covered ramps.

    Moving to Amsterdam, he was first introduced to the graffiti scene by a lovely lady “blackbyrdd”, in the old Pink Floyd coffee shop. She showed him her fabulous array of pictures from the streets of Amsterdam. Instantly inspired,Skatin’ Chinchilla soon began to document the Amsterdam streets. Though this was good clean fun, he soon decided that taking pictures wasn’t enough, he had to be in the pictures as well! The next step was to take a fresh black book and a trip to the can shop.

    It didn’t take long before he started a campaign to fill the streets with free art. His house turned into a factory.Luckily he has a like minded girlfriend “Karma 83” (who is equally crazy!).

    Stickers, stencils, paste-ups, canvases, sketchbooks …. with too many media to name, the crusade had begun!

    Skatin’ Chinchilla is very much active these days. His work is stencilled, pasted, stuck or sprayed all around the world. Through exhibitions he has gained himself a credible reputation and continues to develop and create new styles in the Chinchilla way.

    You can spot Chinchilla’s work throughout the streets of Amsterdam and further.

    “My stickers are like my soldiers… out on the streets claiming new territory!”

    This multi-media genius really gets around town, so keep your eyes peeled. In fact his work was recently spotted on the World News, as a part of the “No Wiet Pass” campaign in Amsterdam. Skatin’ Chinchilla promotes this with all his heart and produced the protest poster for “The Devil’s Harvest Seeds” to prove it…. nice!

    “I’m an insomniac pothead with a mind that never sleeps. Are you skinnin’ up or what??”

    Completing the circle, Chinchilla still represents Brighton today, but from here in Amsterdam – he produces
    album art for fellow Brighton rapper, BigRedCap. A match made in heaven!

    You can try keep up with Skatin’ Chinchilla by visiting his blog, www.808skate.blogspot.com Alternatively, if his crazy talk gets too much, you can just view all his work on www.flickr.com/skatinchinchilla Skatin’ ChinChilla This monTh, LocaL BeaT ediTor dean saddikoT (‘inniT) casTs on eye on one of The main-sTays in The amsTerdam sTreeT arT scene – skaTin’ chinchiLLa

    Dean Sadikot (‘innit)



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