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  • Sonic Acts Festival: The Dark Universe

    UntitledAmsterdam – it is an ocean of entertainment and opportunities – night clubs, bars, restaurants, cafés and stirring districts. This is a well-known and more than well-earned reputation, yet it does not at all represent everything that the city has to offer. There is something that many often miss, even though it is a great part of the very essence of the place – the cultural life. There are so many events connected with something more than mere amusement– events filled with art, beautiful music and even science – a fascinating feast for both the eye and mind.

    Some of you have probably guessed where I am going – we are talking about the upcoming Sonic Acts festival – The Dark Universe.

    What better place for it than the lively streets of Amsterdam? It will start at the 21st of February and will continue until the 24th. Its main theme this time is all about innovation and discoveries – the latest developments in the spheres of art, music and science. Scientists, artists, theorists, musicians and composers – all gathered in one place to take you on a mysterious journey to the vast depths of the unknown.

    It is a great opportunity to stay updated with the latest trends in the mentioned areas, as well as to soak your senses in the amazing works of modern, talented artists – names like Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves (FR), Matthijs Munnik (NL), HC Gilje (NO) and many others are on the list. Of course the music is also there – energetic tones, misterious whispers, exotic rhythms – all gushing from every corner to complete the atmosphere of mystery and novelty.

    For more information about the event you can check the website www.sonicacts.com


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