• Monday, August 15, 2022

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  • Stedelijk Museum

    For the better part of a decade, the recognized cultural center of Amsterdam (Museumplein) has been running with two of the capital’s three gems in its crown of museum glory, either being partially or fully closed due to construction.But all that’s about to change with last month’s long awaited re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum. Closed in 2004 the Stedelijk was scheduled for a bit of a makeover that would only take three years. In keeping with the traditions of Dutch efficiency the museum opened its doors only five years later than expected. It’s not that bad (Google ‘Noord Zuid Line’) But the wait is more than worth it for some.

    Now adorning Museumplein we have what many locals have already dubbed ‘’the bath tub’’. The new and improved Modern Art Museum does indeed resemble a large white tub-like structure. Made out of a substance that for years was used only in the realm of space craft design and hockey sticks, ‘’Twaron’’ has finally made its debut appearance as a building. (What else do you expect from a modern art museum?) But in all seriousness the Stedelijk will breathe a new sense of life into Museumplein at just the right time. The Rijksmuseum (National Museum) is still only 1/5th open and the game of musical museums continues with the Van Gogh Museum closing its doors and moving out of its home next to Stedelijk (now referred to as ‘’Tubbie’’) and down the road to crash on the couch of his old mate, The Hermitage Museum. So, do yourself a favour in the autumn months and go and check out the inspirational, thought-provoking, wacky, and sometimes darn right confusing world that is Modern Art.

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