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  • Supermarkets in Amsterdam

    Since there is a large gamma of high quality restaurants and fast food places in Amsterdam ; while in longer holidays periods eating in restaurants can be very expensive.

    First of all if you are staying in a place with a kitchen, then a perfect option to save money and prepare great meals. Furthermore there are supermarkets in Amsterdam almost in every corner, and the prices are quite good in general. Finally A meal for 2 can cost you no more than 5 euro or less for a microwave meal; probably if you are looking for great ideas for dinner recipes check out the site of BCC : https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/category/dinner-ideas-0

    Supermarkets in Amsterdam are

    Albert Heijn 

    For a long time, Albert Heijn has been the store for everyone in Amsterdam. As the most established existing grocery store chain in the Netherlands; 20 locations are in the center of the city; and many more in the country.

    also here is the adress of some of the closest Albert Heijn Shops in the center:
    while just a few steps close to the Vondelpark:
    AH Overtoom
    Overtoom 454
    AH Overtoom
    Overtoom 116
     First of all just under the W Hotel. Behind the building of the Royal Palace at the Dam Square:
    AH Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
    Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 226
    and right next to Red Light District area and the Nieuwmarkt:
    AH Nieuwmarkt
    Nieuwmarkt 18
    In addition close to the Central Station Area:
    AH Prins Hendrikkade
    Prins Hendrikkade 20

    Supermarkets in Amsterdam

    Dirk van der Broek

    Dirk van der Broek is a privately-owned company with a rich history. Begun in 1942 and right up ’til the present time one of the better known brands in the Netherlands.
    Dirk Amsterdam IJdoornlaan
    IJdoornlaan 601
    also Dirk Amsterdam Warmoesstraat
    Warmoesstraat 157-163
    another is Dirk Amsterdam 2e Hugo de Grootstraat
    2e Hugo de Grootstraat 45
    Dirk Amsterdam Pretoriusstraat
    Pretoriusstraat 9
     Supermarkets in Amsterdam



    Jumbo has been around for over 95 years. In addition the privately-run company from Veghel started from a discount exchange pilgrim merchandise, established in 1921. Nowadays has becomed the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.


    Jumbo Amsterdam Westerstraat

    Westerstraat 98-102

    and Jumbo Amsterdam Stadhouderskade

    Stadhouderskade 93

    most of all For other locations check out the map: