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  • Taste of Amsterdam

    Taste of Amsterdam is one of the most finest and exotic culinary festival that is held in Amsterdam annually, over a span of four days. If you ever fancied going to a food carnival, Taste of Amsterdam is surely your window. The food festival attracts top notch chefs from Amsterdam as well as other foreign lands to showcase their talent in preparing dishes that are a class apart.

    What was initially conceived as Taste of London in 2004 has proceeded to include mammoth cities like Dubai, Dublin, Cape Town and Sydney under its wing. With its magnetic pull this event now brings thousands of visitors at its steps.

    Held in the pleasant atmosphere of Amstel Park, this event has a soothing effect on the visitors as all the action takes place with the tunes of jazz playing in the back ground. The festival runs four programmes:

    ·       AEG cooking club – this is where visitors and renowned chefs come to work together. Acting on the chefs guidelines, visitors come up with exquisite dishes with the help of their friends and family.

    ·       AEG Taste Theatre – visitors get spoilt for choice here as they have the freedom of hopping from one food theatre to another in order to pick up some of the secret recipes of world class dishes to titillate the taste buds.

    ·       Taste of Kids – A program never before experimented with, Taste of Kids ensures that children too can derive some fun out of the festival. Fun activities like embellishing cupcakes and designing chef hats are part of this program.

    ·       Wine Theatre – This program can be extremely rewarding for people who cherish great wine. It explores the ways and means of identifying good wine while knowing what food item to serve with it.

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    Tickets for Taste of Amsterdam are available from €9.50.

    For more information or to buy tickets go to http://www.tasteofamsterdam.com/


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