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  • TEDx Amsterdam 2012

    How would you define human nature? What makes humans good or evil? Why would everyone benefit if everyone knew sign language? How can we know when someone is lying? Why is it that some people fall asleep so easily, while others toss and turn all night?

    If you find this questions as interesting and intriguing as I do, you should definitely check out the presentations given at the last TEDx Amsterdam event. On Friday 30th of November, during an event hosted at the Stadsschouwburg theater, more than twenty specialist from all over the world share their insights about human nature with a privileged audience.

    Scientists, activists, inventors and artists exposed the different facets of our very own nature. They confronted the audience with new perspectives on the way we interact and behave in moderns societies and on how to potentiate and improve ourselves as individuals.

    From all the diverse talks, one of the most striking ones was the talk by Dan Ariely, a Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University. In his talk Prof. Ariely disserted about meaning in labor. Among other things, he explained why and how we assign value to the things we generate and why so often we fail to act in our own best interest. According to what he called the “IKEA effect“, we value more a piece of furniture if we had to built ourselves than if we had paid for it. This simple but brilliant idea gives you a flavor of what you can find in this series of TEDx Amsterdam talks.

    Do you regret you were not there to get to know the answers to all these amazing questions? Do not worry! As well as with all the other talks from previous TEDx Amsterdam events, you have the chance to watch all of them for free. Just go to www.tedxamsterdam.com and start exploring your human nature!

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