• Thursday, January 21, 2021

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  • Telephone Gang Active In Nightlife

    Hundreds of clubbers in Amsterdam last month were victims of a gang who steal smartphones, say the owners of Club Air, Studio 80, Wedding, Chicago Social Club and Sugar Factory.

    “Last week at a party with us twenty phones were stolen,” says Kunna Haan Air Club. “And that was not the only time. It seems that recently in the nightlife, a gang that operates phones steals in clubs and at major events. Someone bumps into you and quickly reaches into your purse or in your pocket. Because it happens so fast, it is difficult to apprehend the perpetrator. There are hundreds of phones gone. “

    The club owners advise you to leave your phone at home, in a vault or storage unit. “This also applies to parties outside Amsterdam,” said Haan. “On Time Warp in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 8 December, hundreds of smartphones were stolen. The Facebook page of the organization was full of posts of victims.”

    Whether the wave of phone thefts in Amsterdam is indeed a gang, the police can not say. But it is clear that something is wrong. Says spokesman Ellie Lust: “This month the number of reports of stolen mobile phones has increased. It is said that a group of East Europeans is responsible, but we can not confirm this. ”

    For the owners of Club Air, Studio 80, Trouw, the Chicago Social Club and Sugar Factory. this is now reason enough to join forces. Together they call for extreme caution and to turn to security when something suspicious happens. In addition, they hang up warning signs at major events to make the visitors extra alert.


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