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  • Conservatorium Hotel

    When you think of the word “luxury” you think about things that are above usual experiences, something that is more than you can afford, imagine or expect. Objects you would like to touch, buy or at least see. Places you would like to go if you only had enough money or time. All range of goods which are from “the upper shelf”.

    While hotel business in Amsterdam is growing very fast and gives us a lot of opportunities to sleep in the city for a really reasonable price, there are some hotels which offer high quality service whit excellent rooms for an amount of money that suits only few people around. One of them is for sure The Conservatorium Hotel, definition of modern luxury.

    Historical background 

    The history of the building situated at Van Baerlestraat goes back to 19th century, when it has been established as Rijkspostspaárbank. However in 1978 the office has been moved and the property has been abandoned for 5 years. After that period it has been arranged into a Sweelinck Conservatorium consisting of 3 music institutes.

    It did not last long because of the speed with which the Conservatorium was growing, so again, in 2008 the building was available to purchase on the markt. That is when The Set Hotels group decided to invest in it and bring it its old glory. Originally designed by Dutch architect Daniel Knuttel, now it has been given into hands of an Italian designer Piero Lissoni. That explains the modern design combined with efficiency.


    Seeing the lobby has been already more than enough. With majestic reception desks, lounge bar next to them and conference rooms hanging over your head. Even though I am not planning to rent a room here, and it is quite obvious by the way that I look and amount of luggage that I carry (which is none), receptionist welcomes me with a warm smile.

    We talk a little bit about rooms and suites, however it is hard to concentrate because of a big Christmas tree that is standing in the hallway and catches my eye everytime I look away from the host. The hotel itself does not try to bring attention with gold on the ceiling, Old-Amsterdam paintings or flashing lights with brights colours on the walls. What makes the hotel special is its simplicity. Everything is made with big attention to details so there is no need for glitter and shiny decorations.

    Let me tell you a little bit about the prices. They vary a lot, between 350euros for a “simple”room, all the way up to 5,000euros for a penthouse. And that is what I want to focus on now. What is so special about it? Why are people willing to spend that amount of money just for one night? Unfortunately, at the moment the suite is occupied, however I’ve seen more than enough pictures to meld down in my chair and make a wish to be able to spend at least one night in that penthouse.


    Average size of a regular room is 30m2, while this stunning suite has 170m2. What is interesting, it has a 80 inch screen inside which is ment to be used as your private cinema.

    Besides that, the windows go up from the floor all the way to the ceiling, and they overview the historical facade of the Conservatorium. Everything looks very elegant but not old fashioned. Designer Piero Lissoni had a perfect sense of what this place needs. Especially the penthouse. Makes you feel that it is actually worth these 5,000euros per night.

    I will try to explain that feeling. You are aware of the price, but when you see the pictures of the suite, you get the feeling that if you would stay there for a night, you would have reach some kind of a social level. You want to wake up in the morning and walk through the hallway to the glass wall and enjou the view. That is the life you dream about, that is exactly the touch of luxury which is mentioned on the website of the hotel so many times.


    A place to hide

    This experience is so unusual for Amsterdam. It is such a fast, touristic city, where everyone wants everything fast and cheap, and where quality is not so important. Here, in The Conservatorium Hotel, in its penthouse, you lose the feeling of being in busy, filled in to the maximum with tourists Amsterdam. Also access to the Akasha Wellbeing Center makes you feel more relaxed. Opportunity to go there after a long day is a nice vision for everyone who know how hard work feels like. You can also dine at a very modern restaurant called “Tunes“ with a bar alongside. If you are seeking for something outstanding and want to have special treatment  (for example from your private host), I can only say that The Conservatorium Hotel with its Penthouse is something to invest in. Let it amaze you, let the luxury touch you in every way that you wish.




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