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  • The Best of The Dam + Amsterdam Film Week

    The Best of The Dam + Amsterdam Film Week ; Editing my preferred Amsterdam purlieus down to a select few was more challenging than I had expected. So, I let my sweet tooth and penchant for indie cinemas do the picking.
     The Best of The Dam + Amsterdam Film Week

    Candy Freaks

    This old-time candy shop located on the exclusively vintage Nieuwe Hoogstraat is a must-visit after a full-on day of secondhand shopping. There’s really no need for persuasive talk here, as the shop-window’s retro mannequin bathing in her candy-filled bath tub is sure to lure you in (she got me!), but I’ll attempt to tempt you anyway. Say ‘yes’ to the free mini tour, and you’ll be able to sample essentially anything and everything your eyes land on (the shopkeeper admitted to his always-successful method!). Make sure to dip into the classics and try the new-and-improved varieties ranging from organic and natural to gelatin- and gluten-free to vegan and vegetarian to halal and kosher! Cannabis? Well, of course. And believe it or not, the healthier options pack a more flavorful punch. Visit this quaint sweet shop in Amsterdam and join the (guilt-free) candy freaks!
    photo: Candy Freaks

    *Take note, vintage mavens: Noordermarkt is Amsterdam’s most raved-about flea market.

    Crepes au Grand Marnier

    Known as the best creperie in Amsterdam, Crepes au Grand Marnier, hidden in the artsy Spiegelkwartier of Amsterdam, is definitely worthy of its bold rep. I bet the French would even nod their heads “oui, oui.” If it weren’t for its flashing sign, this teensy crepe joint would probably go unnoticed. But, it’s not to be missed! If you’re a fan of speakeasy-type locations, you’ll love this below-ground creperie. I felt like I was in NYC at Crif Dogs, minus the hot dogs and hush-hush phone booth. And if you’re indecisive like I am, you’ll love the limited but sure-to-please menu. Follow what I did and visit the magnificent Rijksmuseum, pop inside a few antique shops and art galleries along Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, and finally, treat yourself to a gauzy, Amsterdam-style crepe. The suiker citroen, “sugar lemon,” is a classic, as well as the shop’s aromatic specialty, Grand Marnier.


    Wynand Fockink

    Alongside traditional brown cafés, quintessential tasting rooms can be found throughout the Dutch capital. Wynand Fockink in particular is a local favorite. Located down the alleyway beside the famous Kransnapolsky Hotel in Dam Square, this original 17th-century proeflokaal serves up more flavors of jenever and sweet liqueur (try cassis!) than one could possibly ever conjure up. The jonge, “young,” jenever is similar to gin, and the oude, “old,” jenever is said to be the equivalent of whiskey. But jenever itself can only be called by its official name if it contains a certain amount of juniper berry. I’d also elaborate on the mandatory drinking process, but I’ll let you find that out for yourself! No need to bend over backwards — or forwards (wink, wink) — to impress your visitors. Just take them to Wynand Fockink!

     The Best of The Dam + Amsterdam Film Week


    ***In honor of Amsterdam Film Week (starting tonight!), I’ve decided to include not one, but two theaters as part of my all-time favorite Amsterdam establishments.***

    The Movies

    Art-deco art house, The Movies, is the oldest movie theater in The Dam. Since 1912, it’s been showing top-notch independent films, appealing to a cultured crowd of cinephiles. The nostalgic old-school sign alone attracts filmgoers, and so does cinemeal, The Movies’ convenient dinner-and-a-movie deal! Moviegoers can enjoy a pleasant meal inside the theater’s very own restaurant and for once not worry about being tardy for a film. Plus, there’s cinemum, which caters to parents and their children, allowing everyone to enjoy a trip to the movies. This theater has got it all.

    photo courtesy of Vera de Kok

    De Uitkijk

    Housed in a former warehouse dating back to 1902, this romantic theater is the oldest in all of the Netherlands. With an avant-garde selection of films and a contagious old-world charm, De Uitkijk has made its way deep into my heart and into the hearts of the devoted students who run it. Cozy, crimson and comfortable, De Uitkijk is perfect for those who like going to the movies alone. New to flying solo? Relax in the intimate balcony and have the theater all to yourself. Make sure to check out Amsterdammers’ beloved cinehaven this week!

    *Film fanatics, surround yourselves with sophisticates at Cinecenter and experience a grand evening out at Tuschinski.

    The Best of The Dam + Amsterdam Film Week

    Amsterdam Film Week
    The third edition of Amsterdam Film Week will run from tonight until Sunday, November 3. Award winners like “Silver Linings Playbook,” plus new international award-worthy films will be shown at six quality locations throughout Amsterdam: De Balie, Cinecenter, EYE, Kriterion, Pathé Tuschinski and De Uitkijk. Fancy a VIP viewing? This year’s AFW is extra special as it’ll be introducing Public Premiers (starting tomorrow). Each night, filmgoers will have the chance to attend films not yet out in cinemas — “Diana,” “Captain Phillips” and more! — and receive a goody bag and two refreshments for only €12.50. Tickets can be ordered online or purchased the night of. AFW kicks off at 9 p.m. tonight!


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