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  • 3 of the best Cocktail Bars

    After a momentous day in the office or an energy-sapping meeting in the boardroom, nothing beats an ice-cold cocktail at your favorite bar. Amsterdam has its fair share of exciting cocktail bars. Many have come up in the recent past and are now the rave in town. We’ve listed some of the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam.



    The Vesper is located in the Jordaan area. This cocktail bar gets quite crowded over the weekends. The place is ideal for small parties and cocktail events. The menu itself is quite inspiring. It has the most exotic names. Drinks such as Red lipss and Porn Star Martini bring out the liberal spirit within you, allowing you to relax and enjoy the cool ambience prevailing in the bar. The bar tenders are courteous and very helpful.  They provide excellent customer service. You are at liberty to choose from the extensive menu. However, for those who are new to the cocktail scene the bar tenders shake an exquisite cocktail from your favorite flavors.  One such drink is the ‘Leap of Faith’. To cater for a varied customer base they provide both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The bar tenders also develop seasonal menus to suit the times of the year. For instance, they develop cocktails for the summer, which are invariably different from the spring collection. Vespar have gone the extra mile by offering to tutor those who desire to know how to shake and stir their own drinks. You have the option of dropping by at  Vinkenstraat 57, Amsterdam  or making a reservation by calling 020 846 4458




    Door 74

    Door 74 does not conspicuously advertise its location. In fact, its entry way is a plain black door. However, inside reveals a paradise of sorts with remarkable customer service, exquisite interior design and soft background music playing as you converse with your friends.  Door 74 has a small menu comprising of  a number of whiskeys, champagnes and cocktails. The bar is quite popular over the weekends and easily gets overcrowded. Consequently,  it makes more sense to visit on a weekday after work. At least  then, you can appreciate the great service and the relaxing atmosphere that makes this bar so popular. The staffs are very friendly. They meet  you at the door and have your jacket all the while directing you to your seat. They also provide water and snacks as you consider what to order.  You can make your order from the menu or trust the bar tender to make you a mind-blowing  cocktail based on your preferred flavors. How about that for excellent service! It is  always advisable to call for reservations and only same day reservations are accepted. You can catch them on telephone number  06 340 45122. … We are also not allowed to publish their location!




    The Lion Noir

    The Lion Noir is one of the most popular restaurants in Amsterdam. It has an exquisite interior design geared to create an ambience of joy and peace to the patrons.  The bar has dim lighting, ideal for a romantic outing. In addition, fascinating paintworks and plants accentuate the bar’s serene atmosphere. While there, take a seat on the sofa and relax as you sip your favorite cocktail. Should you feel hungry, go upstairs and order from their rich lunch or dinner menu.

    The Lion Noir has a broad range of cocktails on offer. You will definitely find something to delight you. Their  ‘Negroni’  for instance is an exquisite drink, a potent concoction  comprising  Larois Gin, Martini Russo and the world famous Campari.  Alternatively, have the Cosmopolitan for E9.5.The Lion Noir has a reputation for being a bit pricey.  However, it is all worth it considering the excellent service and the range of drinks on offer. It is generally a good  idea to call and reserve your favorite spot in the bar. Their number is 020 627 6603. Alternatively, just drop by at Reguliersdwarsstraat 28, Amsterdam.

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