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  • The Lobby

    The new restaurant at Hotel V Nesplein was established four months ago, on 21st of March.

    Partner Jan Stuurman revealed that The Lobby consists of a restaurant, library, and a very long bar where the hotel guests can have a nice drink and relax enjoying the feel of the attraction of a real hotel bar. Still it has enough seats left to cater the people of Amsterdam.

    Right from the outset the promoters realized that the energy cannot be that of a normal restaurant, but something much more due to the combination of the many factors involved. As you enter the hotel you have to walk past the reception, then the unusual open space of a long hallway and you then you enter the lobby with the open kitchen, bar, restaurant, and of all things, a library with a fire place. Instead of the chaos that one would expect from such a diverse combination of factors, you find that it is really working as a seamless, synergetic whole.

    Surprisingly, no interior decorator was involved in such a unique project that needed much imagination, design expertise and the ability to put the different aspects together to create a single harmonious whole. However, it was done by Mirjam Espinosa, a lady with super-taste, who arranged every detail, every rug, couch and even the candlesticks and put them all together to such splendid effect. Thus everything one sees in the lobby has been cautiously thought of in a most incredible way. On top of that she is the financial director dealing with the financial aspects of running a hotel.
    The typical Full Amsterdam Breakfast served in The Lobby includes French toast, Blueberry Pancakes as also yogurt, eggs and granola. You can try various other flavors as the menu has a lot to offer. Various kinds of breads baked by the artist himself – Karel Goudsbloem are also a good bet.

    Other suggestions to mention fo breakfast are: “Eggs Any style” – a choice of scrambled eggs with salmon / fried / poached / eggs benedict.
    As Ard Muntjewerf, the restaurant’s manager says, there is a difference between breakfast and lunch at The Lobby. Various kinds of breads baked by the artist himself – Karel Goudsbloem.
    V’S famous Flammkuchen or Hamburger with Pancetta together with a choice of cheese and salads will make you become an addict to The lobby’s menu.
    Dinner is something different at The Lobby. Marinated Mackerel with cream of avocado, radish and water cress is a good choice for a starter. Then there is Onglet de boeuf with hazelnut puree and the finest Dutch pork neck from the region of Baambrugge to tickle your palate.
    Finishing off with a delicious Paris Brest with lemon curd and honey ice cream or Butter milk mousse with strawberries, meringue and basil is something you can only experience at the luxurious comfort of The lobby Restaurant.


    The Lobby

    Nes 49

    1012KD Amsterdam

    t: +31 (0)20 6623233

    www.hotelv.nlIMG_3914 IMG_3920 IMG_3922 IMG_3926 IMG_3930 IMG_3936



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