• Friday, October 15, 2021

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  • The Modernist and more

    From October 17 to February 20, you can view The Modernist and more at the Hermitage. A small collection of prints from multimedia artist Lawrence Aegerter is currently occupying one wing of the Hermitage Museum and acts as a complementary exhibit to the much larger Gauguin, Bonnard and Denis. Experimenting with traditional curatorial roles and power relations between the voyeur and artist, Aegerter has displayed photographs of people experiencing classic Modernist paintings, from Matisse to Picasso.


    In theory, this exhibit is post-modern and thought provoking- adding an additional perspective to viewing pieces of artwork to provide the voyeur with a self-reflexive window of opportunity. Not only can you experience the piece of artwork yourself, but you can experience another individual also experiencing the artwork. In reality, this exhibit looks more like what you would experience in a crowded gallery, but without the allure and aura of the original paintings- half of the reason people still visit museums and galleries today.


    Access to this exhibit is most easily experienced after the main exhibit and before the gift shop. And a final word of advice; do not let this exhibit be the primary reason for your visit to the Hermitage, but rather as an added bonus to the main exhibit.



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