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  • Plancius Restaurant: Dining and Drinks Near the Artis Zoo


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    Restaurant and Café Plancius, the ideal spot in the Plantage Kerklaan neighborhood for dining with family, having a drink with colleagues, or celebrating with friends, has undergone a makeover!

    “We’ve just changed everything, so we’re just starting in a sense. You can pretty much still smell the paint, that’s how new it all is,” says Hanna, marketing manager of Plancius. Hanna started working as a waitress about half a year ago, when the restaurant was still called Bordjes, and has since added all marketing related activities to her job description.

    Yet, despite its fresh façade, Plancius, its name, and its building enjoy a rich history in the Plantage Kerklaan neighborhood. In fact, Plancius is an established neighborhood tradition. For nearly ten years, the restaurant was called Plancius before the name was changed for a period of two years. Hanna explains that the reversion to its original name has to do with getting back to traditional roots.

    Plancius takes its name from the historical building in which it is located, which dates back to the 1870s and formerly housed the Amsterdam Jewish Choir. The building gets its name from Dutch astronomer, cartographer, and clergyman, Petrus Plancius.

    Building a Relationship with the Neighborhood
    At Plancius, it’s all about customer satisfaction. Each day they strive to make every customer a returning customer, so whether you’re a local or a newcomer, you’ll want to come back. “People get really excited when they hear that we’re back to ‘Plancius.’ The new interior design fits more with what people in this neighborhood want,” Hanna explains. “We want to offer people a atmospheric and nice place to go to, which the locals will enjoy as much as they did a few years ago”.

    Before making the changes, Plancius’ management team asked real customers what they thought would be good improvements. They discovered customers wanted a bar where you can have a coffee or drink a beer and they wanted a return to the cozy, yet somewhat modern café of the past. The new Plancius corresponds to the style and feel of the charming Plantage neighborhood. It is a restaurant that pays attention to kind and personalized service. The interior and positive atmosphere make it a great place to get together with your friends.

    Next to the interior changes the menu’s have changed as well. You can expect sophisticated and accessible dishes. The lunch menu offers a much larger variety of options than before and notably, Hanna reveals, meals and drinks actually came down in price after the reversion.

    In addition, all menus will be available in Dutch, English, and German (with Spanish and Italian on the horizon). Plancius caters to all walks of life. Hanna explains, “We want to make sure that everybody in the restaurant speaks at least some of those languages, so we can make everyone feel that they get the same service as any Dutch person that comes here.”

    Conveniently Located near the Artis Zoo Makes it a Perfect Combo
    Adjacent to the Dutch Resistance Museum and across the street from the Artis Royal Zoo, Plancius is the perfect stop after a cultural and or fun day out. Lunch and dinner meals are prepared for tourists and locals alike—it’s really a cozy spot that everyone will enjoy. If you’re not

    hungry, have a seat for a Dutch ‘borrel hapje,’ a beer or glass of wine.

    Plancius is a café, bar, and restaurant for the entire neighborhood, a meeting place for friends, family, local businesses, and of course, people who have just been to the zoo. To accommodate families, museum and zoo visitors, they now offer a handy children’s menu that caters to your hungry little critters!

    Exquisite Dishes and Deserts to Die For at a Reasonable Price
    In addition to their expanded lunch and children’s menus, Plancius offers a three-course dinner priced à la carte including starters, main courses, and desserts. The chefs prepare a sophisticated selection of reasonably priced main courses including (just to name a few) the Tournedos of beef with roasted rosemary potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and a red wine gravy or the Crispy fried salmon with tagliatelle puttanesca including tomatoes, olives, lemon, garlic, and capers. Some sumptuous starters are the Carpaccio with parmesan cheese, olive oil, rocket salad, pine nuts, pesto dressing, and chopped basil or the Salmon double-decker on two slices of toasted bread with dill cream sauce, smoked salmon, and a savory cucumber salad. Yum!

    In addition, nightly specials are frequently offered, which makes every night at Plancius a unique experience. Remember, Plancius makes it a goal to satisfy all their customers. “It’s a place where you can trust what’s on the menu,” says Hanna. “We’re not a restaurant that says ‘no.’ If it’s possible, then it’s possible. In other words, if we have the ingredients, we can make it for you.” It’s that sort of positive, customer-oriented attitude that sets Plancius apart from other Amsterdam restaurants. Eet smakelijk!

    Open Daily from 10:00 to 22.00;


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