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  • Top 5 reasons to visit Amsterdam

    There is no traveler that does not have Amsterdam in his agenda. Is it because of the freedom it gives, or the history it tells?! Maybe is the unique architecture, or just the variety of cultures and nationalities.
    Amsterdam definitely abounds with reasons why to love it. Few of them brought him the title “The world’s second best city to visit” given by The Guide Publisher Lonely Planet – the largest publisher of travel guides in the world which makes rankings each year of places interesting to visit.

    Here are our top 5 reasons why Amsterdam is the best city to visit this year.

    1. Home to Everyone
    Perhaps Amsterdam’s supreme advantage is its inhabitants. If you want to see people from every country, culture, nation, skin color, and religion, getting along together in a perfect harmony – then you are at the right place. No matter where you are coming from, or which language you speak, Amsterdam has that special ability to make everybody feel like home. Almost everybody speaks English fluently and virtually all are friendly to visitors. The friendship-making-formula is easy – get a beer in some of the many pubs and bars, and you will soon find yourself chatting with an Amsterdammer.

    2. Shopping Paradise
    As every other metropolis, Amsterdam is proudly bragging with its shopping centers. From flea markets, art and antiques, trendy department stores to chic boutiques, Amsterdam has it all! But what A’dam can specially offer to its visitors is the world’s only floating flower market!

    3. The Magical Canals
    If you have never been in Amsterdam, the canals are something that for sure you have heard of. And that is that way for a reason. The capital is floating on 165 waterways which make 90 islands connected by 1,281 bridges. The city quickly captures you in its spell, especially at night, when most of the bridges spanning the canals are lit with tiny lights that give them a fairy tale appearance. Talking of this magical story – a canal cruise and discovering the historical canal district is a must-do activity in Amsterdam, which was also added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

    4. Utopia for the Museum & Gallery Lovers
    Museums are the main tourist attraction in Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum are the most popular choices, but there are many interesting small museums. Amsterdam has over fifty museums, which attract almost two million visitors every year. Alongside the wealth of majestic Golden Age paintings, you’ll find exciting modern art, press, film, theatre and photography museum and some unique Dutch treats like the Heineken, Ajax Arena Tours and the Houseboat museum. And Amsterdam wouldn’t be Amsterdam without the likes of the Sex, Erotic, Hash and Torture museums.

    5. One of Europe’s Best Visual History Lessons
    With more than 6,800 houses and buildings (including churches, bridges, gables, and city furniture) protected as monuments and dating from the 16th to the 20th century, Amsterdam claims the largest historical inner city in Europe. The gigantic, robust warehouses and stylish homes built by wealthy merchants during Holland’s Golden Age (the 17th century) line the city’s canals and are conceivably its most distinguishing architectural features.

    TIP: Whenever you are out of topics to talk about, you can always start talking about the Dutch weather!


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