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  • Tourism Agreement between Amsterdam and New York


    On July 10, 2013, the cities of Amsterdam and New York declared a mutual city-to-city partnership with the sole aim of increasing travel between the two great destinations. The joint tourism agreement was formally signed by the CEO of NYC and Company, George Fertitta, Amsterdam Marketing’s CEO Frans van der Avert and Vice Mayor and Alderperson Carolien Gehrels during a brief ceremony, at the official residence of the Mayor of Amsterdam. The two major cities plan to develop a program of mutual promotion to add to the flow of tourists between New York City and Amsterdam. The program is meant for the sharing of promotion and best practices through the press, social media, consumer promotions and targeted advertising.

    This is essentially a one year agreement entered into after intense collaboration and contacts between the cities of Amsterdam and New York. Representatives of the two organizations met numerous times during the last many years, with the NYC and Company providing the necessary insight into their distinct public-private model and it was followed by the Amsterdam Marketing with effect from January 1st 2013. As a follow up measure, in 2009, the then The Prince of Orange and his consort Princess Maxima journeyed to New York City to commemorate 400 years of history, and also to underscore the remarkable historical commonalities and links, the two great cities share in large measure.

    This novel tourism agreement is designed to foster collaboration on a plethora of promotional endeavors like consumer and press campaigns and the use of the various social media. Also, negotiations were conducted with KLM, the Dutch national airline as the select airline partner in order to further reinforce this spirit of cooperation. KLM means to play a prominent role by arranging umbrella campaigns as well as special promotions.

    Amsterdam draws around 400,000 American tourists a year. As a result, they bring about an extraordinary one million or so overnight stay at the city’s hotels every year. In the same way, New York City remains the numero uno destination of Dutch travelers as they land in the United States. Around 200,000 Dutch tourists make it to the city’s five boroughs each year, with Netherlands being one of New York’s strongest West European markets.

    The goal of this landmark City-to-City agreement is to make certain that the number of visitors to both cities keeps on increasing and as such raise the visibility of either destinations and also to focus on all the exciting things to see as well as do in these great cities. Amsterdam as also New York City remains world global leaders in fashion, creativity, innovation and design. After a just a few of hours flying, visitors can mutually indulge themselves in factors like dining, entertainment, nightlife, shopping, and cultural events and go on to experience the incomparable vibrancy and dynamism these two cities seem to share.


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