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  • 5 Dutch foods to try




    If you like to experiment with the local delicacies whilst travelling, then here are some of the best tastes in Amsterdam. With recipes from all over the Netherlands, there are particular dishes that would help you blend in with the locals whilst having a city break.

    Traditionally a winter dish, stamppot is a warm dish, likened to an English stew. Hearty and nutritious, this filling dish consists of mashed potatoes mixed with nutritious vegetables such as; carrots, sauerkraut, kale and onions. Served up with a smoked sausage known as a rookworst, this dish might just be the epitome of Dutch cuisine. Want to enjoy this like a true Dutchman? Make a little pond in your stamppot and add some gravy.




    The chocoladeletter is exactly what it sounds like, a letter shape made of chocolate. It is a famous form of Dutch candy that is commonly sold around the time of Sinterklaas celebrations (November holiday based on St Nicholas). The tradition of this candy began in the middle ages when the letters were in fact created from bread dough. This continued until the bread was replaced with chocolate in the 19th century. Chocoladeletters are commonly given as gifts and are usually chosen based on the recipient’s first name.



    Every country has their own twist on the classic chips. France has fries, and the Netherlands have patats. These thick and crispy chips are thought to have been invented in the Northern part of Belgium. Locally, they are known as vlaamse friet. Very much like a British meal, the Dutch enjoy their ‘chips’ next to another fried snack, both accompanied by copious amounts of mayonnaise! This snack is available almost everywhere in Amsterdam, and anyone who enjoys a portion of chips must try the Dutch alternative whilst in the Netherlands.



    One of the most traditional treats in Amsterdam is the tasty cookie, the stroopwafel. This sweet syrup waffle is made from two thin layers of batter with sticky syrup filling in the middle. Every grocery store and bakery in the Netherlands sells these sweet snacks. These are also a very popular snack to be bought at local markets and street festivals. Traditionally eaten with a good cup of tea or coffee, the cookies come in various sizes. Dutch locals go for the common size that fits perfectly as a lid on a cup of tea/coffee. This softens the cookie and melts the syrup.



    Whilst trying the local beers in Amsterdam, it is always good to accompany them with a small snack, preferably something with a bit of weight behind it. That is the exact purpose of these battered balls. Bitterballen are deep-fried snacks that are filled with a gooey mixture of chopped beef, beef broth, flour, butter and spices. They are then covered in crunchy breadcrumbs and batter. Typically served with mustard for dipping, bitterballens are a Dutch twist on the well known ‘Scotch Eggs’. Also, with a vegetarian option available, everyone can taste these local delicacies..


    Images: www.finedininglovers.com, www.pitch-putt.nl 


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