• Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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  • The Fast Food Revolution in Amsterdam


    In a world where everything changes rapidly, the fast food industry has been moving forward in a rather slow pace. Until today, as the emerging fast food revolution has become reality. In the global birthplaces of hospitality trends and concepts, you can already find a wide array of gourmet street foods. New York, Berlin and London are now the stage of some of the hottest gourmet street food ‘artists’.

    Where there was only room for dodgy kebabs and plastic hotdogs, there is now plenty of choice in fast foods that are stronger flavoured and a lot healthier. And like always, Amsterdam is also becoming one of the cool kids. In our vibrant and constantly changing capital, the streets are slowly being taken over by gourmet styled, healthy and fast cuisine.

    Hospitable as we are, we’ll take you on a quick tour through the Amsterdam streets and along the Amsterdam canals, to find some of our city’s best gourmet street food places. Let’s start the tour at the absolutely best place for a gourmet burger: The Butcher in the Albert Cuypstraat. Using only the best Angus beef, the freshest vegetables and the perfect bun, their burgers are to die for.

    Talking about burgers, the mind blowing burger innovation called Tomeato is making all meat-eaters go veggie. Two star chef Moshik Roth introduced this ultimate healthy fast food to the menu at restaurant &Samhoud Places.

    When you are craving for more real meat, try some of the exquisite meatballs at – surprisingly enough… – Meatballs on the Warmoesstraat. They’re responsible for a true meatball makeover, as they transformed the once simple and casual Dutch ‘gehaktbal’, into a juicy prime mince ball of deliciousness.

    From burgers, to balls and from balls to sausages…the Fat Dog is coming to town! Top chef Ron Blauw has turned the wheel, and is heading down the fast food lane. But it wouldn’t be mister Blauw if there wasn’t a culinary and classy twist; combining champagne with the world’s best artisan hotdogs. This magical place will open in April 2014 in the neighbourhood de Pijp – Amsterdam.

    No more need for rubbery noodles and horsemeat-‘frikandellen’, simply pass by these gourmet fast food hotspots and you’ll experience fast and fantastic food!


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