Tulips in The Netherlands

Tulips in The Netherlands is an experience to write on your bucket list:

Firs of all, Going by Amsterdam in the spring enables you to encounter the stunning magnificence of the world-renowned Dutch tulips. Let us surprise you with some of best spots and events where you can find them while visiting the country:


National Tulip Day Amsterdam

First of all In the spring, the Netherlands’ popular blossom fields turn into a cover of tulips — =furthermore the season really begins considerably sooner than that. The Dutch tulip season in Amsterdam jumpstarts in the core of January on National Tulip Day, while Dutch producers show 200,000 tulips in a brief garden on Dam Square. while these delightful blossoms are not only to view, either — hence all guests can pick a tulip from the garden to bring home for nothing out of pocket.


Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof is a standout amongst the most well known tulip and bloom cultivates in Europe and, truth be told, the world. The garden, set up in 1949 in Lisse is open from March to May to show its blossoms.  Tulips in The Netherlands can not be shown better than in the Keukenhof Gardens.



The Famous Flower Strip

Travel through the Netherlands to see the Flower Strip or Bollenstreek, a fabulous 20 kilometer show of blooming crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and the popular tulips. Fields extending from Haarlem to Leiden wake up with shading starting in late March, going to an energetic crest in mid-April. The excursion can be taken via auto, yet maybe the best — and most Dutch — approach to visit the Flower Strip is on the bicycle course.

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Tulips are delightful; in addition there is a whole other world to them than meets the eye. Inundate yourself in the historical backdrop of tulipomania at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum, situated in the Jordaan locale of Amsterdam. Six associated rooms detail the tulip’s trip from its local Central Asia to the Ottoman Empire; finally arriving in Dutch markets in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. For those that affection the unordinary; the historical center’s Cabinet of Curiosities shows a portion of the most bizarre tulip things at which to wonder.


Aalsmeer Market Tulips in The Netherlands

Right from Amsterdam Centraal Station; jump on the train to Aalsmeer, a 15-minute ride from Schiphol; to the best places where to buy tulip. The worldwide exchanging stage for plants and blooms is really an incredible sight; the market opens at 7 am. Traders from all over the country  move large amounts of tulips in no time.

In addition if your stay in Amsterdam is short; then check out the Flower Market in the Spui for a quick Tulip bulb purchase.