• Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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  • Tulp Festival: A Tulip for Every Amsterdammer

    “A tulip for every Amsterdammer” – says the motto of the Amsterdam Tulp Festival. While reaching a goal like this takes time, we are getting closer! For this year’s edition, over 500,000 tulips have been planted around town. Catch them blooming between the 1st of April and the 14th of May.

    Origins of the Tulp Festival

    The Tulp Festival was founded by garden designer Saskia Albrecht who created many of Amsterdam’s private gardens. Hidden behind the facades of the canal houses, the gardens are usually closed to the public, and the only chance for people to see them is during the Open Garden Days organized once a year.

    Source: Tulp Festival

    For a long time, Saskia wanted to create something for everyone to enjoy, bringing flowers to the streets of Amsterdam. After visiting Istanbul a few years ago, she got the idea for the Tulp Festival. Seeing how millions of tulips brightened up the city during the Istanbul Tulip Festival, Saskia fell in love with that beauty and decided to introduce a similar initiative in Amsterdam.

    After all, tulips are an integral part of the Dutch history and culture. While they seem to have vanished from the streets of Amsterdam, it’s in our power to bring them back.

    Source: Tulp Festival

    Tulips & Locations

    “Our goal is to plant a tulip for every Amsterdammer – about 850,000 bulbs in total – and we are getting closer to it with each new edition,” says Marieke Klosters, the PR Manager at the organization. Over 500,000 tulips of more than 400 varieties were planted for the Tulp Festival last fall.

    Starting from the 1st of April, flowers will be blooming in 60 different locations around the city, including hotels, museums, parks, shopping streets and public areas. Check out the following link for the list of the participants (bottom of the page). Take a tour around the city and visit as many of them as you can!

    Source: Tulp Festival

    Those who’d like to find out more about the Tulp Festival should take a look at the Festival Guide as it contains all the information you need to know, from the tulip venues to the names of the flowers on the show. See the map here to find out where to buy one.

    Plant Your Own Tulip

    “A tulip for every Amsterdammer also means a tulip from every Amsterdammer,” claims the festival’s official website. While many businesses, local councils and schools are already involved in the organization and bulb planting, every single one of us can do their part for the festival.

    Source: Tulp Festival

    If you like the idea of having a tulip for every citizen, make a donation and help Saskia and her team to hit the number of 850,000 tulips faster. Let’s join forces to spread colors all over Amsterdam and make the city even more beautiful!


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