• Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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  • Tired of blockbusters? Check out the underground cinemas in Amsterdam!

    Amsterdam may seem like a touristy place, but it also has a vibrant underground and alternative scene.

    So, next time you get tired of Hollywood blockbusters, make sure to check Jeffrey’s Underground Cinema!

    American­born Jeffrey Babcock organizes movie screenings in various venues of Amsterdam: each day of the week the cinema is in a different space. Some screenings are free and for some of them you need to buy a ticket that costs as low as 2 or 3 euros.

    Jeffrey’s Underground Cinema has been running for 9 years!

    The idea behind the cinemas, as it happens with all good things, is quite simple: to gather together around a movie. Jeffrey introduces the movie and is available for discussion afterwards. The small sizes of the venues favour a sense of intimacy and friendship.

    “What I’m trying is to get people back together again”, says Jeffrey for Amsterdo, “to experience things and dream together. Watching a film is like being in a dream and I think it is very important to be in a whole room with people going through that experience together. And of course it is very important that people stay afterwards and discuss the movie, that there is a social interaction going on.”

    He is critical with the art house cinemas in Amsterdam, which he considers too tied to business, with some exceptions, like Kriterion, which is run by students.

    Jeffrey came to Amsterdam when the city looked a lot different. “I saw here in Amsterdam so much culture that was disconnected from business, in terms of cinema and everyday life, and I wanted to keep that alive”, says Jeffrey Babcock. “I see myself refusing to be incorporated into the mainstream commercial business model. That’s why I created a series of cinemas throughout the city.”

    Sounds interesting? Go to one of the most popular alternative spaces where Jeffrey shows movies – such as De Nieuwe Anita or OT301. There you can pick up the flyers for the next week or ask Jeffrey to sign you up for his mailing list!


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