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  • Unseen Oude Kerk

    Oude Kerk ( Old Church, for the ones who doesn’t have a smattering of Dutch ) is Amterdam’s oldest building and parish church. Today the Church hosts both religious and cultural activities, like the renomated World Press Photo awards ceremony.  Many visitors every day pop in it, but just some of them take a closer look to the misericords, where small pieces of art from the 15th century are carved: some are merely decorative, while others illustrate everyday scenes and proverbs. Most of all reminds us not to waste our life in vain efforts, vices and luxuries, but is something really hard to do nearby the Church if you think it’s located in De Wallen (Adam’s main Red Light District) where the major tourists attractions are coffeeshops and window-prostitutes!

    ‘Banging your head against a brick wall’: don’t spend too much time trying hard to obtain something completely hopeless.

    ‘Muck and money go togheter’: you can earn good money if you don’t mind dirtying your hands.

    A man drinking from a mug.

    ‘Fall between two stools’: when you can’t choose between two different possibilities (stools), you could end up sitting on the ground.

    ‘Pull gently at a weak rope’: if you pull the rope too quickly, it could get broken (and you could lose all your job).

    A com­mon Flemish proverb ‘To outgape the oven’, means to try to do the impossible and marks the paths of the Flemish carvers through Europe: Amsterdam, Hoogstraten, Isle Adam, Oviedo, Zamora and Kempen.

    ‘Two drunks under one roof’: two people can rub along especially on what is wrong.








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