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  • The Most Unusual Of Amsterdam Events: Eye Contact Experience

    True connection is our pathway to peace

    Where has the human connection gone?
    Share 1 minute of eye contact to find out!

    Turns out the 1st of April is not all about jokes and pranks. This day will also bring us one of the most extraordinary Amsterdam events, reminding people of their humanity and the connection they have with others.

    Are you ready to change the world, sharing just a minute of eye contact with another human being? Then keep reading, as we are going to show you how that is possible!

    About The Eye Contact Experience

    The Eye Contact Experience is not just one of Amsterdam events, it’s global and is held all over the world. Introduced as an experiment by the Liberators International in October last year, it immediately won the hearts of people and was held in over 150 countries.

    The experiment was to encourage people to share authentic eye contact with total strangers in public. Doing so, participants demonstrate that despite all the differences between them they still have something very important in common, and that is love and humanity.

    The event returns to Amsterdam once again on the 1st of April, 2017.

    How Do I Participate?

    The Eye Contact Experience is the event held on a voluntary basis. For those who want to take part, there are two options: either join the ranks of volunteers or come as a participant.

    While participants just need to be in the right place at the right time, volunteers have a couple of responsibilities such as bringing picnic rugs and cushions for the participants to sit on. As an alternative, Hula Hoops will do instead of cushions, as they are great for standing eye contact.

    Striving to engage as many people as possible and make the experiment comfortable for everyone, the Liberators International recommend for some of the volunteers to bring folding chairs that might be the best option for elderly.

    When everyone is ready, the experiment begins, and volunteers encourage people walking by to take part. Participants sit in front of each other in pairs and share a minute of eye contact.

    Source: Eye Contact Experiment
    Source: Eye Contact Experiment

    For the experience to be real and genuine, it’s better if volunteers look like members of the public and are dressed in casual clothes.

    The Eye Contact Experience in Amsterdam

    Just like many other Amsterdam events, the Eye Contact Experience is taking place in the Vondelpark, which is great for the experiment as the park is usually quite busy and full of people passing by.

    Everything will start at 13:00 and last for three hours.

    Remember that if there is no such event in your city yet, you can be the one to host it!


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