• Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Unusual Places to Stay in Amsterdam

    Make your trip even more memorable by staying in one of city’s unusual and unique hotels – from boats to bicycles and a former prison! We listed for you the most unusual places to stay in Amsterdam:

    Floating Room

    What do you get when you cross a boat and a hotel – a ‘Botel’! The Amstel Botel is docked on the River IJ, in an artistic area of the city (a former shipyard). It has 175 affordable rooms with either a land view or a sea view, and does good breakfasts.


    Tower For Two

    Hotel de Windketel is a private tower, once part of the municipal waterworks. Today, this quirky octagonal building, three storeys high, is touted as “the most intimate, luxurious guest house in Amsterdam”.


    Houseboat Holiday

    What could be more authentic than staying on the canal in one of the city’s beautiful houseboats.Houseboats Hotel has over 60 to choose from in different locations and styles – many boast bijou gardens, contemporary bright living spaces and mod-cons.


    Fashion Conscious

    ‘Fashion hotel with rooms dressed like models’ is the slogan of Hotel The Exchange. Each room is designed by graduates of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Set up in 2011, it is located on the Damrak, one of the oldest vibrant streets in the city



    Maison Rika is the brainchild of fashion designer Ulrika Lundgren, whose shop is across the street. This boutique hotel, in a former art gallery, is a visual delight with vintage furniture and a Scandinavian feel. Artwork by San Ming hangs on the walls.


    Historical Past

    The LLoyd Hotel has a fascinating history – a former prison, a juvenille detention centre and an ‘immigrant’s hotel’ for people waiting to travel to new lives. It now boasts heritage status and is a great example of Dutch architecture. The rooms are all different sizes, styles and prices, with something for everyone and a few surprises – a bath that’s also a table, fold-out bathrooms and secret cupboards. Often hosts art exhibitions.

    Sleep Cycle

    Immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s famous cycling culture by staying at The Bicycle Hotel. It has a great central location, affordable rooms, and plenty of bikes to hire and tips on where to go. It is also an eco hotel, complete with solar panels on the roof, for the environmentally minded visitor.