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  • Upcoming Elections for the New Nachtburgemeester of Amsterdam 2014

    Mirik Milan’s time as Amsterdam’s current ‘Nachtburgermeester’ is coming to an end after a successful 2 year term. A new mayor will be elected for the 2014-2016 term this September by a jury from the Stichting Amsterdam Nachtburgemeester and a public audience at Trouw Amsterdam. Members of the public can also vote online at the website starting 2 weeks before election night.


    Image: Iris Ooms

    From September 6th, all candidates will receive a profile on the website where members of the public are able to vote for who they believe will make a good ambassador for Amsterdam’s Nightlife. Election night will take place on Thursday September 18th where the candidate will have the opportunity to make a final presentation to the jury and audience members. The event will be free and open to the public.

    The first Night Mayor or “Nachtburgemeester” was elected in 2003 and was organized in order to give a voice to the night life of Amsterdam. The Night life mayor is elected to mediate between representatives of Amsterdam’s thriving night life and industry and the politicians of the city. Several other cities have followed suit after seeing its success in Amsterdam. Paris has already elected its own ‘maire de la nuit’ for 2014 and Berlin is set to elect its first nightlife mayor before the end of the year.

    For more information and elections visit www.nachtburgmeester.nl

    The elections will take place at Trouw Amsterdam starting at 20.00 on September 18 2014 and is free entrance. Would you like to be a candidate for the 2014 elections? There is still time to sign up at the website. Candidates must have an affinity with the night and strong networks. Stichting Amsterdam Nachtburgemeester is a non-partisan, non profit organisation serving the nightlife culture of Amsterdam.


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