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  • Urbanathlon


    1Urbanathlon_102 6StartMuscle, competition and fighting spirit.

    It will take place in October 13, 2013 in the form of a race, yet behind the idea stands much more than that.

    The participants will have to move as fast as possible, taking care of a variety of obstacles during their “walk” on a specially built ten kilometer track. Imagine those children playgrounds, where the kids jump over small ropes, climp on threes and have fun. Well, it is something similar – the only differences is that here we are talking about real challenges – a several meters high wooden walls, long ropes to pull up on – a challenge that is worthy of being included as a part of military training.
    As it is often the case in Amsterdam, the whole thing is not only about the sport – it is for the party, too. There will be a festival after the show, where the heroic competitors will have the chance to chill out with the excited crowd.

    The price for individual participation is € 50 and € 750 with a business team

    For more information visit http://www.urbanathlon.nl/nl/home




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