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  • Van Gogh Museum

    Who doesn’t know Vincent Van Gogh? Whether you remember his Sunflowers, Night Watch or the fact that he cut his own ear off, Van Gogh is famous the world over. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum exhibits much of his most important work. These works consist of 500 sketches, 200 paintings and more than 700 of his letters along with many of his Japanese prints. In 2013, the museum celebrated its 40th birthday.

    The museum’s collection is not limited to works by Van Gogh, though most of them are by him. There is a whole range of amazing 19th century works that you can enjoy while visiting this museum. Other artists that are exhibited there inspired Van Gogh or have been inspired by him, along with works of Van Gogh’s friends and acquaintances.

    The museum has recently undergone extensive refurbishment which was completed in 2013. Adriaan Dönszelmann, the museum’s new managing director said, “Because of the support we were given by the Dutch Government Buildings Agency and our contractors, we have been able to complete this project successfully, within budget and inside our planned timeframe of just seven months”. The whole museum building has undergone a thorough refurbishment. No less than 2,300 m² of parquet flooring was renewed, 4,300 m² of ceiling replaced and 11,000 m² of walls painted.

    The new glass entrance on Museumplein will open in summer 2015. This new main entrance will mean that the museum will have an extra 800 square meters off floor space, which should improve the overall flow of the museum.

    Since its re-opening, visitors to the museum are now able to buy tickets online and gain direct access for a selected timeframe. This scheme, along with the extended opening hours on Friday and Saturday, seem to be succesful since the museum welcomed its 1 millionth visitor of the year on 12 August. The lucky woman received a bouquet of sunflowers and a giftcard for 10 litres of paint. 

    Van Gogh Museum is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, on Friday till 10 pm and on Saturday till 9 pm.

    In case you don’t feel like waiting in the line, click here to buy tickets online.


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