• Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Verzetsmuseum Junior opening


    Opening on October 17 is the Junior building of the Verzetsmuseum, or the Dutch Resistance Museum, that is a continuing sober reminder of the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War 2.

    Chosen as the best historical museum of the Netherlands, the museum shows the world the history the Dutch people during 4 May 1940 to 5 May 1945 when Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Holland.

    The museum has recreated the streets of Amsterdam during the occupation with large photographs, old posters, historical objects, films and sound recordings of the time.

    The good exhibits show glimpses of the everyday life, and record historical events and the often heroic deeds of the Dutch resistance movement. The new interactive Junior wing is specially designed to interest children around the ages of 9-14.

    Since 1999 the Verzetsmuseum has been housed in a historical building that has on its wall the Star of David and the name of Petrus Plancius (1550-1622), the Amsterdam Renaissance clergyman and geographer.

    A Jewish singing society built the building in 1876 and it was used for many decades as a synagogue and a Jewish cultural centre.

    Entry fees are: Adults €8,- Children 7-15 years old, €4.50 and up to 6 years old are free. More details at: verzetsmuseum.org.

    Image: verzetsmuseum.org

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