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  • Weekly Amsterdam Guide 29 January – 4 February 2018

    Welcome to our Weekly Amsterdam Guide, Let’s see what the Dutch capital has to offer!

    Day of the Crypto

    29 January – 30 January / RAI


    The Crypto Day will take place at the RAI. The event combines an international congress, with two days of Dutch crypto sessions. The Crypto for Dummies sessions is also ideal for people who want to know more about the basic principles of crypto-currencies. Participants will gain a better understanding of the technology, terminology and current developments in the blockchain field.

    The Crypto Economy World Tour brings 30 ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) to Amsterdam during the event!



    2 February – 4 February / Melkweg – Sugarfactory

    “Other Futures” – Exploring New Perspectives through Science Fiction is a digital and physical platform where the public and future thinkers from all parts of the world come into contact with each other. “Other Futures” will be a meeting place where new insights can be shared about where we want to go with this world and how we can build it. First of all The platform Other Futures consists of a three-day multidisciplinary festival (2-4 February 2018) in the Melkweg and the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, the exhibition Creating Other Futures (January 14 through February 11, 2018) at Melkweg Expo, the one-day storytellers event New Narratives for Climate Action (1 February 2018) in VondelCS and an online platform.



    The Other Futures Academy

    2 February – 4 February / VondelCS

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    This academy will offer the opportunity to reflect on mind-changing stories and views on climate change & action from (non-)Western cultures, bringing fresh approaches to this very urgent topic. Which are the radically new paradigms on climate action that storytellers can offer us?

    Yet The effects of climate change are so overwhelming that the easiest way is to ignore that it is happening right before our eyes. But more and more people are realizing that we need new narratives to cope with the catastrophic use of the Earth and its biosphere. What can we learn from other cultures about the future of our planet? Call her Gaia or Planet Earth, it is clear that we need to change the story of what is already to be called the Sixth Great Extinction. The platform uses science fiction not just to reflect upon the future but also as a tool of empowerment in order to build a new and better world. This Weekly Amsterdam Guide is all about learning experiences and this Academy platform is definitely an event not to miss.

    More information at  http://www.vondelcs.nl/agenda/other-futures/


    First Fridays Dance – Eclectic and Reflective

    2 February / Café Belcampo


    Looking for one of a kind act for the coming Friday! It seems like the opportunity is there so explore right next to the food hall at the Café Belcampo.  This Friday the event we look forward to enjoying is the First Fridays Dance. A mix of short contemporary dance pieces exploring human relations from different angles, using physicality, drama, and dynamics. Many dancers from the Henny Jurriens Studio are featured this evening.





    Little Italy 2018

    2 February – 4 February / Westergasfabriek


    As in previous years, the best participants will be ready in 2018 with their most beautiful products and services. In addition To Little Italy you can completely immerse yourself in Italian life: from special tastings to cookery and wine workshops and from a pub quiz to test your Italian knowledge to a delicious aperitif. A great event to finish our recommendations for this Weekly Amsterdam Guide. We hope you love the food and culture a Little Italy as much as we do.





    More in Amsterdam and Around

    Seems like that’s all for this week! Did you like our Amsterdam guide? Stay with us for more, we promise to create a similar one every week!


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