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  • (Wild Wild) West’ival

    You thought festival season was over? Not quite yet.

    West becomes to Wild West at WEST’IVAL

    Mercatorplein is turned into your granny’s living room when the vintage furniture is dragged to the square. With lounge chairs, fat boys and quirky décor everyone is invited to chill out and enjoy the last couple of sunny days in Amsterdam. 12-14 September Mercatorplein is the scene for the third edition of West’ival.

    Whereas West’ival started three years ago as a local initiative for an open-air film festival, this year is gonna be a better, bigger, booming cookie. Not only you get the movies, you get the finest music, art and photography too.

    So what’s in it for you?

    Music: Breton
    The young British collective Breton is touring around Europe this autumn, and hits Amsterdam in September at West’ival. The boys of Breton are not just musicians. Rather they are artists: they combine music with visuals. They are energetic and creative, and are ready to take over Europe’s mainland.


    Strange encounters
    The neighbourhood of Amsterdam-West is remapped from community’s point of view in the interactive installation ‘Strange Encounters’. I can here you thinking: what is that supposed to mean? Here’s the idea: visitors of the festival are invited to make a visit to one of the glasshouses. In there they share their stories and experiences. Illustrators then turn these stories into art, all together making a ‘soft archive’ of the city. Amsterdam West is the most diverse district representing 156 nationalities, so enough soil to make a story I’d say.

    Popcorn, beach chairs, a big screen and a projector: movie-night! West’ival provides stage for unique and out-standing feature films and short movies. The programme includes movies from around the world, including Lebanon, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Argentina and United States.

    A century Amsterdam-West in a photo exhibition
    In the photo exhibition ‘West’foto: Mijn Plek West’ the district comes to life with photos of the last 100 years. The exhibition covers two unique collections: one shows vintage photos of Amsterdam-West, the other displays photos of today’s residents revealing their personal stories. What you get is a sense of the district and the stories that live(d) there.


    Music: Malawi
    Do you already know the boys of Malawi? This Amsterdam-based DJ collective played their tunes at some of Amsterdam’s finest festivals this year, like Magneet, Pitch and Lentekabinet. This weekend Malawi is sparkling center at West’ival’s afterparty on Saturday night. Get your ass on the dance floor and your feet movin’.

    Best of all: it is all for free! West’ival wants make culture and art available for everyone – for you too. Plus, there is much to do for the kiddos. So they are invited too!

    Want to check out the programme, details and more info? Go to www.westival-amsterdam.com, or stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter. Either way you want to make your way to Mercatorplein 12-14 September.



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