• Monday, October 18, 2021

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    Juniqe was born out of frustration at seeing the same old boring prints sold everywhere on a mass scale and a lack of alternatives on the market. Juniqe has an answer to that problem by selling eclectic fashion, fantastic art prints, accessories and more but not at extortionate prices so you won’t even be able to afford them. That is what Juniqe is all about, a separation from what the mainstream has to offer and a challenger to the traditional route of art consumption.

    Founded by Lea Lange, Marc Pohl and Sebastian Hasebrink, the German start-up has only been up and running since January 2014 and already boasts a hefty investment in the seven figures and ships to a number of different countries that claim over 7500 customers. Pretty impressive figures which also says a great deal about the demand for inexpensive and uniquely curated art.


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    Not only does Juniqe offer creative off-kilter pieces they are also supporting a large number of emerging and established artists from all over the globe, allowing them to share their art with a large audience which in turn keeps them doing what they love. Effectively, artists have their own online gallery where they can present new artworks and sell them in different mediums, whether it’s on phone cases, T-shirts, framed canvases or even on bed-linen it’s all about the art and Juniqe facilitates that.

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    There is no mass production with a large amount of the products being made to order according to the customer’s individual preference. Juniqe is also conscious of providing products of high quality and sustainability with their carbon-neutral clothing made from organic cotton produced in accordance with the Fair Wear Foundation and heavy weight museum-quality paper printed with archival inks.

    A few special mentions include the artist Jazzberry Blue who does amazing prints of intricately coloured maps of major cities including a very detailed one of Amsterdam. Naxart also has an Amsterdam print of the outline of the city in a watercolour style and Calm The Ham who do monochrome skylines of famous cities including one of Amsterdam. Dutch artist Vincent Vermeij aka Chungkong is a Dutch graphic designer who creates pop culture mashups of cult movies, literature and sports including a series called Star Warhols that combines George Lucas’ Star Wars characters and Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup series.

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    In addition to all that Juniqe is genuinely a fun site to visit and with no foreseeable notion of slowing down, plans of expanding their market in European countries and introduction of new products will see them go from strength to strength. Scrolling through all the different artists and art pieces is an enjoyable experience where visitors will most certainly find something of incomparable uniqueness that catches their eye. Have a look for yourself at www.juniqe.com

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