• Sunday, December 5, 2021

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  • Winter outdoor fun “Ice-skating on the canals in Amsterdam”

    It’s that time of the year again! Checking out the city Christmas decorations with friends sounds nice, but somehow the cozy couch, blanket, hot chocolate or tea and a movie always appears more tempting.

    The winter is definitely the worst season of the year for outdoor socializing, isn’t it?! Well, thanks God you are in Amsterdam! Mmm… at least in the years when the temperatures drop to less than -4 for no less than four consecutive nights.

    What can be so much fun when outside is -4 you ask? Well, when all these natural conditions match, Amsterdam gives its residents and tourists an exceptional ice-skating experience on its famous canals. And yes, it is as magical as it sounds! Imagine long sparkling white highways decorated with colorful positive faces, little kiosks with warm beverages and classical music for a complete fairy-tale sensation.

    To be even cooler, the entrance is free on almost all of the ice-skating rinks (or with a small symbolic price) if you bring your own skates with you. Don’t panic if you haven’t supplied yours still, since you can always rent a pair at the canals for only €5, buy second handed or get new ones at the sport stores.

    Also, if you can break and keep up with a group speed, often you can join Skaters-tours which cover sometimes up to 20 kilometers and always different routes.

    WARNING TIP: Be careful under the bridges and do not go where the Amsterdamers don’t!


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