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  • Wise Kid Tattoo Gallery

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    If you are looking for a tattoo gallery that can create incomparable and quality tattoos, then the great hospitable city of Amsterdam should be your destination.


    If you take a casual stroll around the city, enjoying sights like the ubiquitous canals, and the well known museums, you are sure to come across the Wise Kid tattoo and Gallery.


    You are warmly welcomed with a cup of coffee. Enter with a sure and confident step and once inside, you can peruse through a plethora of aesthetic designs and hit upon your choice without too much effort. And whether you want a tattoo on your neck, arm, ankle, chest or shoulder blade or even all over your body, the the great tattoo artist Lukasz Kies will do it for you in a highly professional, friendly and artistic manner employing the best of equipment and the latest in techniques provided in your own, requested style.


    You can choose from a wide array of designs, traditional as well as contemporary in a way that combines both custom and originality, in other words, what is most appropriate for your personality. The choice is followed by a personalized size and design ot you tattoo. And once you both decide on a design and the part of the body where it should go, Lukasz is ready to create art with a confident, reassuring smile. With sure sweeping hands, he’ll make an initial ´sketch´ on your skin, put in the necessary colors and tattoo your chosen design exquisitely, with a sure, deft touch.


    He’ll catch the whole spirit of Amsterdam and transfer it to your person, so that suddenly you feel like another individual standing apart from all the others, for the simple reason that you carry nothing less than a work of art. That is the magic of the Wise Kid Gallery and Tattoo, conveniently situated at Dirk van Hasseltssteeg 47.

    To contact Lukasz on phone, just dial +31 6 26643871.

    Youre welcome at Wisekid’s tattoo and gallery where you can get inspired for artwork on canvas, walls and or skin.

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